The paperless link between business Intelligence and the rest of your team

Whether you’re making your business processes efficient, reducing paper for your mobile team, or you just want to improve communication and save time and money. We believe that integrating mobile forms into your daily workflow should be hassle free.

Keeping track of your data while you are on the move has never been easier or more reliable thanks to Smart Form Designer.

Smart Form Designer allows you to make forms your team can easily fill out on their smart phones.

Just imagine… No more collated paper forms, data entry, or messy handwriting! No more lengthy Excel documents or hand-built Word document forms, either!

Smart Form Designer  makes it easy. Here’s how

First, you build your forms using the many options in Smart Form Designer on your computer. Then the team downloads the app to their phone. And from there you can send them the forms according to each person’s responsibilities.

  • Send inspection forms to field technicians, send customer forms to salespeople, and so on and so forth.
  • You can even collect signatures and photos for your records.
  • Form entry doesn’t require any internet access.
  • And when your team members return to service, your form analyzes every field according to the rules you determine and lets the user know when action is required.
  • Plus it connects to every major Business Intelligence application, so you can do anything you want with your data after you collect it.

Version Controlled Forms

  • Version controlled Forms.

  • Create new versions anytime.

  • Ability to recall previous versions.

  • Use existing forms to produce new.

  • Seamless form version reporting.

Tag Features

  • Use Tags to link forms to users.

  • Target user groups with specific forms.

  • Create your custom tags.

  • Manage tags to suit organization structure.

Manage Devices

  • Grant and revoke device access.

  • Form specific device authorization.

  • Two factor authentication process.

  • No risk of unsolicited access to your collated data.

Let’s Face It… Most Forms Aren’t Fun

Especially collated paper forms, long-running Excel documents, or even clunky forms built in Word! There’s a better way to build robust digital forms — and the best part is you can make them accessible to your team through their smartphones (online or offline).

Smart Form Designer makes forms fun again because they’re easy and convenient.

Here’s How It Works

Create your form

Using our robust features and custom data fields that are as simple – or complex as you need them to be.

Manage your forms in the app

Grant and revoke access to devices, modify your forms any time, recall older versions, and review your collated data anytime, anywhere.

Publish your form

Manage your versions, create tags that target user groups, and send links to them.

Create and review reports

View your data in any form you see fit, such as graphs or charts. Fully integrates with all of the popular business intelligence platforms.

Business Intelligence Doesn’t Have To Be About Double-Checking The Data Anymore

With Smart Form Designer, you can build your form to analyze every entry following rules you create, making it easy to highlight user specific values that require further action.
– Instant communication and data collection through mobile application.
– Review and edit forms through your app, whether online or offline.
– Create your own templates with auto-fill fields.
– Record photos of work sites and location information from your team.
– Collect signatures from clients and personnel.

The Best Part Is… You Can Try It Out For Free!

Simply sign up for a free account below and get 15 days free access to Smart Form Designer today!

Download Mobile App

  • Download the Smart Form Designer app on your mobile.
  • Download forms and complete them on your mobile device.
  • Synchronize completed forms back to your server.
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